Ruby for testers (1 – day course):

Test automation is a skill that is in high demand within Australia’s software testing industry. This course is designed to introduce you to basic concepts of automation frameworks, programming and test design. During this workshop we will create a simple (but powerful) automation framework for testing web applications. To master programming takes years of experience which cannot be gained within a single day, however during this workshop we aim to give you the knowledge to understand the framework we develop, and to continue improving on it.

Business outcomes:

  • A fully customisable automation framework (developed during the 1 day course)
  • Skills to identify automation opportunities
  • Skills to implement automation tests
  • Skills to expand and improve on automation frameworks

During the course you will learn:

  • How to improve your test activities through automation
  • Gain a solid introduction to the Ruby language and syntax
  • Create a simple but powerful keyword driven automation framework
  • Write keyword driven automation test scripts
  • Tailor automation frameworks to your organisation’s requirements


  • No prior programming skills are required
  • Attendee must provide their own laptop running Windows 7 or later (other operating systems are permitted, but less troubleshooting will be available)