Letter To Managers

Rapid Software Testing | Australian Testing Days 2016 | Test Engineering Alliance

Welcome Test Managers!

We are writing to you as we believe you can help us in our mission to improve software testing. We are a group of testing professionals who care about the development of our community. We want to grow testing as a career choice, improve the capabilities and the reputation of Australian testers. Testers play a vital role in product quality and contribute to product cost control. We aim to help maximize the effectiveness of testers and testing.

As a test manager, we believe you also value good testers becoming great testers. This is not an overnight transformation. It takes time, dedication and participation in the wider test community. We would really appreciate it if you could help us develop the test community. Here are some ways you can help us:

TEAM Meetups

Introduce your testers to the TEAM (Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne) meetup. We are a strong, growing group. We meet monthly and encourage all our members to actively participate in our meetings as presenters. We expose our members to new ideas and skills and help them refine current skills. We provide all this, food and drink, without charge to our members.

You can find more details at here.

Rapid Software Testing

We are bringing Michael Bolton to Melbourne to present the highly regarded Rapid Software Testing (RST) course. Previous attendees have described this course as “life changing”. The RST course is being held May 16-18 2016 (inclusive), with RST for Managers being held on May 19.

You can find more details at here.

Australian Testing Days 2016

May 20 and 21, 2016, Melbourne

We have put together a test conference that will provide testers with awesome educational value and networking opportunities. Michael Bolton is our opening keynote speaker while Anne-Marie Charrett is our closing keynote. Both are highly regarded testers around the world. The full speaker details will be announced shortly. Encourage your people to submit a talk outline, we are accepting these up until the end of January. If the idea of a full track talk sounds too challenging, we are also offering lightning talk opportunities.

There will be a day of workshops on 21 May. The workshop topics are quite diverse and represent outstanding value for money.

You can find more details at here.