Track: How to Build a Guild


Shifting the culture of an organisation is tough, and my own experiences are no different.

Testing has rapidly changed over the last few years with a large increase in automation, the use of agile and the transformation from a “checker” to a “coach”. I will tell a story of our journey from being a traditional Testing organisation with around 200 testers in a waterfall environment to a world of cross functional teams, Continuous Delivery and an environment of Self Development.

With such a transformation not every initiative we have run has been successful. I will talk through some of the things that have worked, not worked so well and some of our initiatives in the pipeline.

About James Kitney

James Kitney

James is a Senior Leader in the QA and Technology Capability space based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has over 10 years experience in the Testing space both as a consultant and working with companies in the Insurance, Banking and Telco sectors. James is passionate about technology and what the future holds. He loves to support people in transforming their thinking to face the disruptive digital world.

James is currently working for IAG, initially founding the QA Guild and now working to setup 12 other Guilds across our Digital Labs organisation.

You’ll regularly find James in airports and planes as he travels a lot for work between NZ and AU, and also loves to travel the world for leisure.