Track: Software Cartography (or How to build multidimensional information radiators)


The biggest threats to efficient systems testing are the ways that testing is usually structures as a one-way linear activity, and the way that artefacts are traditionally produced.

Aaron will describe how mind mapping software supports a more iterative approach to testing and can be used as a leaner test management tool to build models of the product, organise and manage the testing activities, and report on the testing story to date.

He will demonstrate how he uses the map alongside a Session-based Test Management structure as a tool to aid with test estimation, and how it can be used to give testing transcripts context and communicate certain aspects of the testing story visually.

About Aaron Hodder

Aaron Hodder

Aaron Hodder hails from Wellington, New Zealand where he works for Assurity Consulting Ltd to develop and deliver new and innovative testing practices to better suit the demands of modern day software development.

Aaron is a passionate software tester with a particular enthusiasm for visual test modelling and structured exploratory testing techniques. He regularly blogs and tweets about testing, and is a co-founder of Wellington Testing Workshops.