Track: Reaching Beyond Performance in an Agile World


Where is performance testing moving to in the future? The changes that have resulted in DevOps and “nimble” development methodologies change the demands for information. The talk should be of interest not only to performance testers but all who want to see how the testing purview in this area is changing.

Performance testing, as done today, is effective and will not vanish but it also has drawbacks. It is monolithic, relatively inflexible and doesn’t reflect sprint cycles or similar concepts. There are attempts to pull performance testing into sprint cycles and to do performance testing earlier. While these are good ideas they can be very complex and costly to implement. Not every project lends itself to such processes. So how do we extend the value performance testing can bring?

Performance testing will be moving closer to production. Performance testers will have their fingers on the pulse of what was happening in ALL environments in real time. One could say in-depth monitoring and analysis seems to be the future of performance testing. They leverage the new capabilities presented in a world of pilots and soft go-lives. Performance testers have the right know-how level across a project/organisation to know where to look. Essential to this are new generation instrumentation tools like New Relic/Dynatrace and like Splunk/Elastic Search. Performance testers will also move closer to the teams and the business to collaborate on knowing what will spell out success.

The talk will show how the future of performance testing might look, how it changes the interactions with the team, and what effects that might have on “nimble” development processes. I believe that this will be the real “performance testing in sprints” and an effective way to gather valuable performance information as early as possible.

All this is still in its infancy and it will revolutionise performance testing and the value it brings to projects and companies. This information might change your view on how you think of performance (testing) going forward.

About Oliver Erlewein

Oliver Erlewein

Oliver Erlewein is a performance test consultant in Wellington, New Zealand.

He has been in the testing space for nearly two decades and has specialised in performance testing over 10 years. Performance is his passion but he is also a proponent of the Context Driven Testing community down-under,and co-founder of the Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing (KWST). Improving the strength of the software testing community is a top priority and he shares his knowledge in Blogs, discussions, and by presenting at conferences/workshops.