Track: The School of Rock – CDT Uncut


This talk will discuss the ideas of schools and why Context Driven Testing (CDT) important to those that associate with the school and to furthering the craft.  The talk will also explore what is meant by schools, why is it meaningful to testers in Australia and New Zealand and how to get the most from belonging. The talk will also look at the perceived divisive nature of schools of thought though the focus will be on how a school will potentially help testers to come to together to share ideas in a mutually inclusive space.  The talk will also look at CDT down under and its evolution and revolution in our testing world (interspersed with experiences).

About Brian Osman


Brian is a Test Lead at Tyro Payments – a context driven team of test engineers working alongside developers in an XP environment. His role, besides testing, is to help lead, coach, guide and facilitate testing within Tyro to enable thinking testing to occur.

Brian is also the Principal Consultant for OsmanIT – Software Testing Consultants and Coaches. He delivers training that is based on improving the way testers see, think, and interact with others and the system under test. He also continues to interact with like-minded, free thinking testers and takes the opportunity to present at conferences and SIGsT groups.

Brian was a session speaker at Star West 2012 held at Disneyland, California where he spoke on using agile practices on a non-agile project and has spoken at ANZTB 2010 and STANZ 2009 and 2010 conferences (2010 as a keynote speaker).

He also founded the Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing (KWST) along with James Bach and has helped as a course assistant instructor for AST (BBST online series of courses with lead instructors Scott Barber and Michael Larsen).

Brian aligns himself with the Context Driven School of Testing and is a proponent of effective, risk based Exploratory Testing. He is also an advocate for using session based test management and using lean and low tech, high value approaches to testing where appropriate.

Brian is an experienced test manager, tester, consultant, trainer and speaker with over 15 years experience in the craft.