Track: Transformation of a QA Department


I’ve been working on the transformation of a traditional, off-shore QA department into an involved and collaborative group of thinking testers.

There are constraints imposed by cultural differences, physical distances and the biggest challenge of all: the practices that the team was hired for, trained in, and previously rewarded for, are now the exact things you want them to stop doing.

This talk will provide some practical tips for changing testers’ hearts and minds in an offshore context.

About Michele Cross

Michele Cross

Michele is a genuine all-rounder, having successfully performed roles throughout the SDLC from pre-sales and requirements gathering, through development and testing, to training and production support.   She is also a qualified high school I.T. teacher. Having spent the 90’s working as a consultant on large scale, retail banking core-system implementations for major US and NZ banks, these days Michele is focused on continuous improvement through judicious use of appropriate tools, techniques and methodologies.  She gets excited about Behaviour-Driven Development and Context-Based Testing.