Web and Mobile Security

Dive Into Kick-Ass Web and Mobile Security (HACKING)

This is not yet another hacking presentation ONLY, but fun-filled demonstrations and exercises which will help you to start your security tests from Day 1 after the workshop. Many certified ethical hackers learn hacking in hard-coded way, but it is beyond it as its about mind-set and skill-set which needs to be nurtured in awesome way to grow as great hacker and help the world to move towards safer web!

The topics that I will be covering include the following (However, not limited to. I will be exploratory in my approach and you will love it for sure. Let’s rock!!).

  • Web & Mobile Security – Break the ice
  • Introduction to Hacking and Cracking
  • Social Engineering Attacks with exercises
  • Understanding the web and mobile philosophies
  • OWASP Top 10 Attacks – Demonstration
  • Web Browser Add-on(s) for Web App Security Testing
  • Mobile Security Attacks Demonstration
  • Let’s fiddle using Fiddler
  • Let’s Burp using BurpSuite
  • Let’s chant with (Mantra) Browser
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Reporting & Counter-measures
  • Bug Advocacy Exercises
  • Discussion / Question and Answers


About Santhosh Tuppad


​​Santhosh Tuppad is a passionate software tester & expert tester who comes from context-driven school of testing and has tremendous experience in web application testing and mobile apps testing through exploratory testing approach. Be it functional testing or security testing, he is a punter. His love for computers started when he was 12 and at 16 he was a hacker. He founded TestInsane to create an eco-system for people who want to live their dreams in testing doing great work while bringing delightful experience for customers.

Apart from computers he loves adventure games, Jeeps, Traveling, Driving mean machines and more. And last, but not least he loves to follow his heart very well and is bad-ass at it.